Zoom Cycling activity in Musso0rie

Bike + Zipline for the ultimate aerial adventure. Experience the mountains from the sky at your own pace. Get an intimate glimpse of the natural terrain and its fascinating inhabitants.

It’s really quite a thrill. What may look like a sport that’s been MacGyvered in the sky, rest assured, the bikes are affixed to tightrope looking cables proven to withstand their weight.

Mussoorie adventure resort presents for the first time in India, Zoom Cycling, an unique activity sure to leave you on an adrenaline high, this is one of those things you just have to add to your bucket list.

Suspended 40 feet in the air, their contraption has you leaning back in an enclosed structure with an actual seatbelt that looks a bit like a Disney ride. Actually an aerial nature tour

Beyond just the experience, the potential impact we can have with kids and adults, using this as an outdoor educational tool is really exciting!

Zoom Cycle are also known as Zoom Bike, Zoom Zip Bike, Zipline Cable Bicycle.


Quick Info

  • Price ₹ 400.00