Kids Dirt Bike Adventure Activity in Mussoorie

Your Kid is asking if he or she wants to start riding dirt bikes? dirt bikes are meant to ride in dirt and off-road. Mussoorie Adventure Park helps parents to familiarize kids with dirt bikes. Motocross can be a great way for your child to start riding bikes, it can also give them some important life skiills, help them become social, build their self confidence and keep themselves fit.

  1. Ridding dirt bike will enable your child to develop motor skills and reflexes in the real world situation.
  2. They will gain confidence and learn how to act responsibly.
  3. Focus on safety first from young age will pay off as they get older.
  4. Riding provides kids with an excellent workout for the full body, which is ideal for their cardiovascular and physical health. Again, being outdoors on the fresh air is good for your body.
  5. They will have an opportunity to explore new areas and through discipline, they will become more responsible.
  6. Riding keeps the kids alert and allows them to have a perfect coordination of the body movements.
  7. Riding activity increases your child’s muscle and core strength as the kid tries to control the bike.
  8. Riding the bike over an extended period increases your kid’s stamina and endurance level.

Quick Info

  • Price ₹ 250.00