Wall Climbing Adventure Activity at Mussoorie

If you need to test your muscle power than try to climb the 40 feet high wall. This artificial wall is made of fibre boards and holds evenly positioned to climb the wall.

Wall climbing, often considered by non-climbers to be a reckless, dangerous, thrill-seeking sport can also be a fun to push oneself to one’s physical and mental limits. Wall Climbing also presents an excellent incentive to seek out some of the most beautiful places in search of some fresh Walls. The Wall climbing wall is 40 ft long with 5 sides or wall climbing which also includes two waterfall climbing.

Discover your passion for wall climbing. Experience the thrilling artificial Wall climbing like never before. If you are looking for the fun-packed Wall climbing in Mussoorie then Mussoorie adventure Resort is the place for you.

Over 30+ adrenaline gush activities at one place. A one stop destination for Corporates, School & University Students and Families to challenge their limits and rediscover their passion for adventure. Get your kick today at Mussoorie Adventure Resort.

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  • Price ₹ 400.00



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