High Rope Course Activity in Mussoorie

Total six different types of high rope course activities are designed to suite all age group. These activities needs balancing skills and mental toughness to complete all activities.

Try these Rope Course elements for an exhilarating challenge. Which will strengthen an individual's self confidence and problem solving skills.

Participants can push their limits and face their fears with these thrilling high ropes course activities.

The degree of difficulty (mental, physical, and emotional) found within the element is dependent upon the level at which each person challenges themselves. These activities can parallel actual life experiences in such a way that can teach individuals to face new challenges with a deeper understanding of how to cope and triumph over a diversity or difficulty. We do make sure that you have a fantastic time; learning techniques, exploring different skills, and practicing your aim. We can put the targets up close or far back depending on your ability.

High Rope Course Activities that can be found at Mussoorie Adventure Park are

  1. Sky Walk
  2. V Bridge
  3. Charlie Chaplin
  4. Balancing Planks
  5. Swinging Bridge
  6. Double Rope Bridge

Quick Info

  • Price ₹ 1,000.00



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